Create a photo album with JAlbum and use it with php include()

I have a php based website, and wanted to embed some photo albums.
Since I could not find a skin or tutorial for this, I started to adapt the JAlbum Minimal skin for this purpose.

Download and install

You can find the skin here.
Extract the files in the Skins folder of JAlbum.
Now you can create an album with the skin.

Create a skin

First you have to copy the res folder from the Skins folder to:
Start JAlbum.
Select the MinimalPhp skin.
Add the foto's you want to have in your album.
Now click settings, and go to the MinimalPhp tab:

Here you can enter subfolders (for easy organisation), the Albumname and an album description.
For this example the album will be saved in "{Homepage_root}\Albums\TestAlbums\Album1\".
This path has to be remembered for the General tab.

Now go to the General tab:

The album path have to be copied exactly into the Output directory field.
Now you can close the Settings dialog, and create your album.

Embed the album in your php script

The php script have to handle the following variables:
 - sub1            Subfolder1
 - sub2            Subfolder2
 - sub3            Subfolder3
 - albumname  Name of the folder
 - index           Index number of the current page
 - photo          Filename of the photo (without extension)
an example of an url:

See the php source for a complete example.

NOTE: I know it's far from good coding (I had no php knowledge at all), but it's working for me.
If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

NOTE2: The skin and php script are written for album and slide files with .html as extension.
If you want to use another extension (like .php) you have to change the skin and script files accordingly.

If you have any question, please contact me.